Sunday, August 1, 2010

Types of environmental degradation

Deforestation is the excessive cutting down of trees and clearing of forests for different purposes. In other words, it is the destruction of forests. These directly and indirectly affect us. Thus, deforestation is a serious type of environmental degradation.

Soil erosion:
Soil erosion can be defined as the destruction of the top layer of the soil as a result of natural or human activities. Soil erosion refers to the carrying away of soil. Soil erosion is also serious type of environmental
degradation. It affects crop production, pollutes water resources and causes many other direct and indirect problems to human beings.

The downward slide of land on hilly slopes is called landslide. Our country is mountainous. Excluding the
Terai region, the entire country has hills and mountains spread all around. Many a time, due to various reasons the land on hilly slopes gets destroyed. Landslide often occurs naturally. However, as a result of
Various human activities, the occurrence of landslide in our country has increased. No single monsoon season goes without news of some major or minor landslide occurring. The Krishna Vhir, between Katmandu
And Narayanghat has become notorious landslides troubling travelers throughout the year. Landslides also harmfully affect human beings and their possessions.

The overflow of water from rivers and streams into nearby lands is called a flood. Flood is a serious type of environmental degradation in our country. Environmental problem is directly related to surface water. As result of the excess amounts, sometimes flowing water breaks its embankment and overflows into nearby lands as flood. A large numbers of rivers flowing directly from the Himalayas. Every year, during the monsoons, many of these rivers flood nearby land causing great destruction to human beings and property.

Pollution can be defined as an undesirable change in our air, water and land resources, which directly or indirectly cause harm to us. Pollution is also a major type of environmental degradation. Its impact is seen on almost all component of the environment including air, land and water. Pollution may be in the form of addition of undesirable chemicals e.g.; poisonous gases into the air by factories or it may be in the form of reduction of something useful from the environment e.g.; death of all fishes in the rivers. Pollution may be of the following types:
Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, land pollution, sound pollution


  1. Nice but you have to add some More attractive point

  2. Nice but you have to add some More attractive point

  3. soil erosion, soil salinisation, desertification, loss of bio diversity, bush encroachment